J.D. 1985 Duke University School of Law – created Joint J.D./M.A. Program for Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of American Law

M.A. 1985 Duke University – Master’s Thesis on the forces that led to the Bill of Rights

B.A. 1981 The Johns Hopkins University – Senior Thesis on the diverging intellectual foundations that fueled the debates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787


Negotiated commercial real estate contracts, franchise agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements.

Real Estate litigation, Construction litigation, Employment contracts litigation.

Litigation practice includes employment discrimination, wrongful termination, federal civil rights, unlawful arrests

Full experience in complex civil litigation, criminal defense, with jury and non-jury trials


Mowbray v. Zumot (USDC Md. 2009) Mowbray used a standard residential real estate contract and handwrote direction to fix exterior walls, install new windows and add new roof. Zumot signed. When Zumot stated work was complete, Mowbray transferred agreed price of $500,000.00. Later, Mowbray hired contractor, who identified that windows were not installed and roof was not complete. After losing motions to invalidate provision excluding jury trial, won judgment of more than $500,000 in Federal bench trial.

Snell v. Buffington (USDC Md. 1997) Student was suspended for participation in outside newspaper. Won administrative process. In Federal Court, won motion forcing public school district to remove unconstitutional provision of its Student Code. At trial, judge reversed prior ruling on claim for monetary damages.

McNulty v. Prince George’s County (USDC. Md. 1992) McNulty was charged with embezzlement. Won criminal trial. In Federal Court, won jury trial on malicious prosecution case involving more than 10,000 records. Jury award of $125,000. Claim for failure to investigate by County investigator dismissed. Affirmed by Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Insignia Residential v. Ashton (Md. Court Appeals 2000) Precedent-setting case for common law claim in Maryland for wrongful termination based on sexual harassment. Succeeded both in jury trial with only one witness against multiple defense witnesses. Used corporate records to bolster client’s testimony. Claim based on a footnote in a prior Court of Appeals opinion.

Perkins v. State (Md.Ct.Spec.Apps. 1989) Gained reversal and exclusion of evidence declaring warrantless search in violation of Fourth Amendment. Undisputed actions of police demonstrated absence of voluntary consent to search hotel room.

Claimant v. WAH (Md. Worker’s Compensation Commission 2003) Lab worker struck with formaldehyde poisoning in lab that produced asthma. Established workers’ compensation not preempted by concurrent claim under Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • U.S. District Court (Md.)

  • U.S. District Court (DC)

  • Maryland Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals

  • DC Court of Appeals

  • DC Superior Court

  • 21 of the 24 Circuit Courts of Maryland

  • District Court of Maryland

  • Maryland Administrative Hearings


Adjunct Faculty, University of Maryland University College – Business Law, Business Ethics, Employment Law, Property Law. Highly rated faculty member.

Technology consultant to law firms and public agencies – Analyzed workflow of lawyers, law firms, and legal departments. Developed software system to improve productivity and work culture. Learned basic network architecture, cyber security, database design, and Web interoperability. Worked in SQL, html, active server pages, IIS, and java. Provided services to law school clinics, State court systems of Maryland, State agencies, large and small law firms.

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